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WS24X WaterStrider fishing raft


Water Strider™ Raft Kickboats are tough, compact, ultra-packable inflatable rafts for fishing, hunting and white-water. The Water Strider is a brilliant back-packable one-person raft on any river or lake. This is expedition river rafting equipment packed with possibilities for fishing and adventure.


Water Strider’s open floor design let’s you sit on the air ride seat to propel and steer the boat with fins on your feet while you keep both hands free for casting and landing fish.

In shallow water you can stand up and wade while the Water Strider floats around you and supports you. There’s no better way to fish! Lift your feet onto the footrest, pick up the oars and row. On rivers you pull against the current to slow the boat and gain control in rapids. It is simply amazing how well this boat navigates the most technical and rocky rivers. Makes a good hunting boat, too. Carry loads both behind and in front of you.


INCEPT inflatable Water Striders® pack into light, compact airline baggage including oars, backrest, stripping apron and pump – with room in the carry bag for fins, waders and more. You can take your boat with you any place in the world and have the comfort of your own familiar boat on new and unfamiliar waters.


Read a story about a multiday river trip with WaterStrider here

Length 2.35 m
Width 1.25 m
Tube 33 cm
Air chambers 3 + 1
Operation pressure 3.0 psi
Number of persons 1
Loading capacity 230 kg
Packed volume 65 l
Weight 14 kg

WaterStrider includes: 

- Air Ride Seat with backrest

- Equipment straps

- Oar Locks and 3-piece oars

- Stripping Apron

- Foot rest

- Foot Pump

- Repair kit and Carry bag


Optional Accessories: 

- Spare 3-piece oar(s)

- Over-the-boot Fins

- Outboard Motor Bracket


Colours:  Grey, Red.