Incept Marine Ltd, 126 Hautapu St, Taihape 4720, New Zealand.

Every product you buy from Incept Marine Ltd is backed first by the product manufacturer's or supplier’s warranty. Any fault in materials or workmanship within the stated warranty period will be remedied at no cost to the owner beyond the cost of getting the said product back to base. If not stated otherwise, a 12 month warranty applies.

Warranty period
From date of purchase the warranty period is
· Incept inflatable boats in non-commercial use        5 years
· Incept inflatable boats in commercial use                2 years
· Gumotex inflatable kayaks                                         2 years
· Accessories                                                                1 year

Incept Marine Ltd will assist customers whenever possible in gaining satisfaction with products from other manufacturers and suppliers.

Warranty provisions are conditional on the return of the product back to the Taihape NZ factory, or the place of purchase, or the closest approved warranty shop, freight pre-paid.
All costs of making good including freight from warranty base back to owner is covered by warranty.


Warranty - related questions:

If there is a warranty problem do I have to return the raft to the New Zealand factory?
Not necessarily. Freight costs are often the most expensive part of remedial work and if there is an inflatable repair shop in your area that can make the repair we can work with them.

Would I have to pay the freight on warranty claims?
The cost of getting the raft to the repairer or warranty base is up to the owner. The return freight is covered by warranty.