Parsun Genovo GP-80Digital
PUM12-80D. With dial-up pressure to 13 psi (80 kPa) this is one brilliant inflator!
Price: NZ$ 257.60 incl gst
Parsun Genovo GP-80DB
PUM12-80DB. 12v electric dual inflatable boat pump. Internal 7Ah lead-acid sealed battery.
Price: NZ$ 358.80 incl gst
Foot Pump Scoprega BRAVO 1
PUM1. Ideal for small inflatable kayaks
Price: NZ$ 55.20 incl gst
Foot Pump Scoprega BRAVO 2
PUM2. Good for inflatable kayaks and canoes
Price: NZ$ 69.00 incl gst
Barrel Pump Scoprega Bravo 4
PUM14. Affordable pump, great for mid-sized boats
Price: NZ$ 48.30 incl gst
K-Pump K-100
PUM71. Compact and durable. No hose or adapter needed.
Price: NZ$ 119.60 incl gst
Halkey Roberts Valve Adapter
Price: NZ$ 6.90 incl gst
Pressure Gauge
GAU1. Fits Halkey Roberts 690NSBV valve
Price: NZ$ 18.40 incl gst
Scoprega Bravo 1000
BLO2. Electric blower capable of 3.3PSI (23 kPa).
Price: NZ$ 349.60 incl gst
Scoprega Bravo 2000
BLO3 Powerful electric blower capable of 7.3 psi (50 kPa).
Price: NZ$ 437.00 incl gst