K40SS Spray Skirt for Sea Kayaks
Price: NZ$ 165.60 incl gst
K30SS Spray Skirt for K30 Sally
Price: NZ$ 174.80 incl gst
K30TB Kayak Thighbraces
Fit K30 Sally, K40 Tasman & K50 Pacific.
Price: NZ$ 121.90 incl gst
K37TB Thigh Braces for K37  Mohaka
Price: NZ$ 94.30 incl gst
GK26SK Kayak Skeg
fits Gumotex Twist, Helios, Sunny, Safari and Solar
Price: NZ$ 29.90 incl gst
Skeg Receiving Patch
fits most types of inflatable kayaks and SUPs
Price: NZ$ 9.20 incl gst
Outboard Bracket for C42  & C52
C42OB. Ideal for small electric / battery outboard motors
Price: NZ$ 351.90 incl gst
K40RD Sea kayak Rudder
fits Incept K40 & K50 Sea kayaks
Price: NZ$ 147.20 incl gst
GK38RD Helios Rudder
fits Gumotex Helios 1 and Helios 2
Price: NZ$ 149.00 incl gst