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Over the past two decades INCEPT has invested heavily in the design of the ideal fishing craft. Here are some of the high-performance designs developed for the American market and ideal for rivers anywhere.
OAR7S75 2.3m 2-piece Fibreglass Whitewater Oar
2.3m 7'-6" American Lightweight Whitewater Fibreglass Oar
Price: NZ$ 264.50 incl gst
WS24X Water Strider
Waterstriders are tough, compact, ultra-packable inflatable rafts for fishing, hunting and white-water.
Price: NZ$ 2,185.00 incl gst
N25 Renegade
2.5m frameless cat, completely self contained. Plenty of capacity for one person and gear.
Price: NZ$ 1,886.00 incl gst
N30 Outlaw X5
Outlaw X5 feels at home on smaller rivers where extra maneuverability is needed...
Price: NZ$ 2,990.00 incl gst
N36 - Outlaw Avenger
Extremely stable cataraft with surprising rigidity thanks to 12ft x 19in tube...
Price: NZ$ 3,289.00 incl gst
CR9 Madison River
Compact and portable the smallest of Incept catarafts
Price: NZ$ 3,036.00 incl gst
CR10 Skykomish Sunrise
Compact, portable, fast and stable - the perfect fishing platform
Price: NZ$ 3,059.00 incl gst
CR11 Northwest Express
Great on rivers rivers and lakes alike, super fast and stable...
Price: NZ$ 3,289.00 incl gst
CR13 McKenzie Drifter
Great on rivers rivers and lakes alike, super fast and stable...
Price: NZ$ 3,887.00 incl gst
S36SC Drifter (Oar Rig)
Very stable raft that makes a perfect platform for 1 to 3 persons fly-fishing. The Drifter makes an ideal compact raft.....
Price: NZ$ 5,658.00 incl gst