Welcome to FAB DOCK – inflatable, self contained on-water docking system - designed and manufactured by Incept Marine Ltd. 

FAB Dock offers a fresh new solution to dry berthing. It also provides an alternative to anti foul product and helps in marine life conservation.

By its nature the inflatable sponson of FAB Dock helps berthing in windy, tidal and strong current conditions, making the hull slide gently into the berth.

Fabdock is easy to install and relocate.

We can offer solutions for mono-hull, catamarans, power-boats and yachts alike. 

Available for any size or shape of boat
Prices starting from $5990
1 year warranty on PVC models
Industry leading 3 year warranty on Urethane Alloy models



For more info on FAB Dock please visit FAB dock official website

For more info and enquries from New Zealand please contact Incept Marine Ltd.

FAB Dock - product page
Most people agree that dry docking system will pay for itself in maintenance savings in 3 to 4 years
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