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Inflatable Boats          

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Inflatable Rafts, Inflatable Kayaks, Inflatable Canoes, OEM*

*Original Equipment Manufacture

Welcome to Incept Marine: Inflatable Boats Manufacturer

2011 Blowfish SUP Boards

- available now from Incept NZ


2010 Gumotex Recreational Kayaks

2010 Special - Yacht Tenders

New 2010 Incept
Inflatable Sea Kayaks


2009 Waterstrider Kick Boat

Whitewater Inflatable Rafts from Incept Marine New Zealand
Whitewater Inflatable Rafts

Whitewater Inflatable Kayaks from Incept Marine Ltd. New Zealand

Whitewater Inflatable Kayaks


Inflatable Canoes from Incept Marine Ltd. New Zealand
Inflatable Canoes

30 June 2011

Escalante River Canyon, Utah USA. Our party of seven ran this canyon in the spring runoff this May using an assortment of inflatable kayaks. Two Tasman sea kayaks were included and did wonderfully. This could be described as one of those trips of a lifetime. See the Incept Blog here for more...

Incept is the New Zealand based manufacturer of inflatable rafts, inflatable kayaks, inflatable canoes, inflatable sea kayaks and many OEM inflatable boats and components sold around the world.
Incept's aim is to bring you the most durable, safe, and performing inflatable boats to work for the outdoors adventurer in the most demanding environments.
Incept inflatable rafts and inflatable kayaks are fast, stable inflatable boats designed to handle well in all classes of whitewater.
Incept is the choice of many of the world's best whitewater guides, rafting outfitters, commercial rafting companies and personal raft owners.  When you buy Incept, you buy the best.

Incept inflatable boats are enjoyed by whitewater enthusiasts and water sports lovers around the world.  Incept also manufactures inflatable rescue rafts, inflatable kayaks, inflatable canoes and OEM components for inflatable water craft.

Incept Marine manufactures world class whitewater inflatable rafts, inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, inflatable canoes and OEM inflatable boats and components in New Zealand.

Incept Square Back Inflatable Rafts excel in extreme water. The longer bow allows the raft to punch through holes and yet maintain ease of control. The extra waterline length provides more speed / easier rowing and paddling.
Incept Double-Ender Inflatable Rafts are an industry standard, outwardly the conventional river raft shape but as with all Incept inflatable rafts they have exceptional dynamic performance in all classes of water.
All Incept Marine whitewater inflatable rafts, canoes and kayaks are designed to achieve optimum waterline shape and exceptional handling with good carry-through in holes and stoppers.
Incept have developed uniquely tapered inflatable and self bailing floors for all models which are permanently integrated into every boat. This results in long life, excellent performance and stability, together with good tracking and handling qualities.
(* OEM = Original Equipment Manufacture for other corporations)

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